What kind of weather to expect in Vienna

Travel  Vienna , travel tipsVienna, the beautiful capital city of Austria presents the tourists with a charming weather ambience all the year round which has made it one of the biggest crowd pullers in the world travel scene. It’s said that the Austrian city is worthy of visit, regardless of the weather.

In regards to its climatic situation, Vienna presents a kind of mild continental ambience which seems pleasant for the visitors there. The summers are warm with temperatures ranging between 22-26 degree C but not exceeding over 30 degrees. Winters would be relatively cold and snowfall is common from December to March.
The autumn and spring varies between mild to cool. The region experiences a moderate precipitation all through the year. However, whether it’s summer, fall, spring or winter- the very weather of every season here coupled with an unrivalled charm of the capital city makes a truly attractive backdrop for the tourists here.

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