Visit Sydney during New Year

Sydney during New YearSydney, being in Australia is one of the earliest places in the world to experience the New Year.  Over time it has been declared the unofficial New Year capital if the world with its wonderful new year’s eve display of fireworks. The fireworks at Sydney on New Year’s Eve are unparalleled to any other fireworks display. Pyro technicians work for months to give this grand kaleidoscopic display of colors in the Night Sky.

The fireworks at Sydney can be displayed from 55 vantage points across the beautiful city. These vantage points have food provisions, toilets, alcohols and glass restrictions and are ticketed over the whole period. For the family goers there is the fireworks display at 9pm from the barges at the Harbor and skyscrapers which is followed by the Harbor of Light Parade where 50 illuminated and well decorated vessels go around a 15 km harbor circuit. At midnight the main event shows a spectacular display of fireworks from the barges, skyscrapers and most importantly the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The city advises commuters to stick to public transport with 1.5 million converging at the centre of the city for this event. A 2.6 million national audience, 300,000 tourists and a billion viewers worldwide who are tuned to their TV sets in order to take part in this event just proves why one should visit Sydney for celebrating their New Year’s Eve.

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