Top 5 honeymoon destinations in Asia

Whenever a couple plans to go to their honeymoon, they want the place to be amazing and they want to come back with wonderful memories, which would be shared and cherished for a lifetime. One of the most amazing places to have that dream honeymoon is Asia. The climate is diverse and the cultures of Asia are very ethnic and preserved by people for years.

The first place to consider in Asia is India. It is a lovely country with a pleasant but humid condition. There are many places to see like the romantic Taj Mahal in Agra, the exotic courts and forts in Udaipur, the serene backwater lakes in Kerala, etc. Next, one should consider Philippines for admiring the nine km stretch of pale white sand in the Palawan beaches, the Puerto Princessa subterranean river national park or the largest pearl in the world as well. If you want to have a rejuvenating and relaxing vacation with spas, resorts, local cuisine, massages, then you should visit Bali. You can even consider china to visit the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City too. Finally, for the best food and remarkable shopping destination, one should go to Bangkok-the shopping, hotels and nightlife are world famous.

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