Things to do when in Venice

Venice,Holiday DestinationsVenice is an exotic land famous for its old monuments, great gondola rides and culture. When you’re in Venice, just watching the canals, buildings, walking along the sidewalks, visiting old historic building and dining will take up all your time. There is so much to explore and discover that you will find your schedule full throughout your trip. Venice can be enjoyed the best when you set out on foot. Don’t hire a guide. Just have a map, for safety’s sake and start out exploring the city on your own.

Going for a gondola ride is a must when in Venice. There are many bridges over the canals and a gondola ride around and through the city is an unforgettable experience especially if it’s taken during the twilight period. The Grand Canal attracts tourists from all over the world. Venice is also famous for its small roadside cafes, which always smell of fresh bread and coffee and cookies. So when you’re in Venice, get ready to have one of the best holidays of your life.


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