Things to do in Milan besides shopping

Travel Milan, travel tipsMilan is a phenomenal destination for shopping for tourists from all over the world yet the place also stores in a number of other attractions. You have wonderful places to visit, dine and dance on all through the night.

Basilica Sant’ Amrogio is one of the ancient most churches in Milan. It’s an 11th century church and is a fantastic specimen of the Romansque architecture with awesome relics inside, mosaics and carvings. Saint Maurice is another beautiful tourist attractions in Milan. If you have a fetish for castles, Milan houses the famous Castello Sforzesco which is decked up with spectacular castle artifacts & architecture details.

Milan is also famous for its electrifying nightlife. There are a wide platter of restaurants, hotels, cafes, discos, operas and nightclubs. The most promising nightlife in Milan is presented by Navigli since it hosts the maximum discos and bars designed with a buzzing dance floor and trendy music.

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