Preparing your annual travel bucket list

annual travel bucket listIf you are keen on traveling it’s good to have an annual travel bucket list. It’s because when you have your travel bucket list ready, you are already set on the destinations to explore, have the travel alerts that would in turn motivate you to check out on the travel deals. The post below discusses on how to prepare your annual travel bucket list.

First of all, spread your wall map & look around to pick destinations. Be realistic & choose destinations that would be affordable for you, in terms of money, comfort and time. You have to make s list of 5-7 potential destinations. However, it won’t harm to include one dreamy destination at least- you might be lucky. Now, set your travel goal- like 1 bucket-list trip this year or in every 2 years.

You should also set your annual tour budget and make sure to choose location and travel deals within that. Don’t forget to set travel alerts, at least for top three to five destinations.

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