Pattaya at its enthralling best

travel to PattayaAre you planning to visit Pattaya with your friends and family? Well then before starting your journey takes a look at the famous tourist attractions of this place so that you can make your trip a lifelong memorable one. If you want to get a panoramic view of the entire Pattaya city then you should visit the Pattaya hill point, you can come here at any time of the day. From the hill top you can have a great site of the statue of prince jumborn also.

One of the most religious sites in Pattaya is the Phra Tamnak. Here you can encounter the largest statue of Lord Buddha in all over the eastern region of the globe. If you want to relish some adventure then you can visit the crocodile farm in Pattaya where you can experience over fifteen species of different types of reptiles sriracha tiger zoo is the best place to watch wild tigers of Pattaya.

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