Iguazu Falls: a trip you’ll never regret

Iguazu Falls, travel ArgentinaThe Iguazu Falls in Argentina are simply breathtaking. The UNESCO world heritage park surrounding this beautiful 82 metre high falls at an elevation of 195 metres is full of flora. It can be just adored on for an hour looking in to the falling waters along with the peaceful backdrop of the scenery is very appealing to any nature lover of the world. The place best to view it from is Garganta del Diabolo. Along with the falls are various tourist resorts and spas in the near vicinity. After enjoying a majestic time at resorts one just has to walk over to the park and the falls that opens up at 8:30 am.

After the upper circuit is well covered get down to the more crowded lower circuit and enjoy the view. Later you can also take a boat ride to the falls but avoid consuming any water that sprays on around you.

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