Explore beauty at its best in Ancash

Travel Ancash , PeruAncash is a region which is located in the north of Peru. The regions of Pasco and Huánuco lies to its east, the region of Lima lies to its south and the Pacific Ocean lies to its west. Huaraz is the city which is the capital of the region of Ancash and the biggest city of the region is Chimbote which is also a busy port. The origin of the name of the region is from a word called anqash in the Quechua language which stands for blue.

Though the region of Ancash offers unparallel beauty and has fabulous national parks, it is still not widely popular among the tourists of the world because it is not commonly promoted by the tourism department and other travel agencies of Peru. In fact you can derive the same pleasure of trekking in Ancash as that of Machu Picchu with only half its cost. The Huascaran National Park is one of most popular trekking spots in Ancash and is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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