Escape to the Fiji islands

Fiji islands, island destinationTan beaches, blue lagoons, rain forests, some scuba diving and a whole lot of romance. If you want all of these in once place then the Fiji islands will be a paradise for you. These groups of islands are located in South Pacific Ocean. It is a cluster of 322 islands in one place and is really beautiful.

Once you visit Fuji it will be an experience of a lifetime. If you want to relax and experience luxury at the same time then you got to visit the Denarau islands. It is home to some of the finest resorts such as Hilton, Sheraton and Radisson. You can also go for a cruise ship from there. Now and again you may have the wish to do some water sport. For that Kadavu is the best place. It has lots of water sports like diving and kayaking. The waterfalls there are just magnificent.

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