Envisioning past, present and future: Zen Garden of Kyoto

Travel Japan, travel destinationZen Garden of Kyoto is an outstanding piece of creation. The unique philosophical concept of garden has been created with a stylized landscaped. This has been done with a composed planning of rocks, moss, water features, gravel, pruned trees and similar natural things to create an outstanding garden. Sand has been used to create the effect of natural water ripples. These gardens are basically dry, therefore also known as “dry gardens”. The plants here do not need much sunlight or water for growth.

The garden gives a different view from every spot. The serene atmosphere and scenery is a great way of relaxing yourself. On your visit here, you can even meditate and concentrate on the concepts of Buddhism or any other religion. This garden has been made with the essence of nature, but not to imitate it completely. Make sure to visit this garden at Kyoto, Japan and feel the tranquility of this charming place.

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