Enjoying a weekend in Dusseldorf

Holiday in Dusseldorf, travel tipsDusseldorf is a very nice place for a holiday. It is located in the North Rhine Westphalia and it is the capital of that state. This area is located in the middle of the metropolitan region of Rhine Ruhr. The place has a name for its trade fairs and fashion. It is also the business and international financial hub of the area.

It is the seventh of the largest cities of Germany when it comes to population. The best time to for a vacation in this city is the autumn. The musical scene is also very good in this city. Kraftwerk is the name of the world famous band and they are from this part of the world. The cuisines that are offered in this city are delightful. It is a very festive city. There are exciting events in this city all through the year. One of the major events of this city is the Japan Day.

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