Edinburgh, a destination painted by God

Travel Edinburgh, UKEdinburgh, royal capital of Scotland is the perfect place for a vacation. It is a beautiful city with lots to do. You can indulge in viewing beautiful castles, churches, parks, museums, art galleries, gardens and various other sightseeing in Edinburgh. Edinburgh castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse and National Museum of Scotland are the places you must definitely visit in Edinburgh. Excellent food joints and restaurants are there for the food lovers. Shopping is fun and you can get high end fashion stuff to traditional arts and crafts product.

Edinburgh is a naturally beautiful city which is enriched with its history and culture. The beauty of the city is enhanced due to its beautiful coastline and the poise of its countryside. The city is also happening with its amazing nightlife, festivals and carnivals occurring at different times of the year. August to September is the best time to visit Edinburgh.

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