Culinary attractions in China

Culinary attraction in ChinaChina is definitely a paradise for food lovers. China has long been popular and is known all over the world because of its mouthwatering dishes and flavors in its food that attracts all taste buds. The travelers in China are delighted by its culinary skills and the local specialties are a rage amongst them. Chinese dishes are relished by all and sundry due to its distinctive taste and flavor.

Chinese dumplings, soy puffs, baby corn, noodles, Chinese cabbage, stir fried dishes with oyster sauce and steamed fish are few of the delicacies of China. Chinese cuisine comprises of various styles and includes Sichuan cuisine, Szechuan cuisine and Jiangsu cuisine. Hairy crab in Shanghai and roasted duck in Beijing are local delicacies which are famous outside the country also. Use of herbs and seasonings add to the flavor of the cuisine. Chinese dishes and desserts are served with tea that is said to have medicinal qualities.

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