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Cruise holidays in Antarctica

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Cruise holidays in AntarcticaAn all round experience of both land and sea can be attained if you plan to go for a cruise holiday. Though there are many ways to enjoy your vacation with friends and relatives but the ultimate way to elope from your house and get lost in the places where you had never been can only be experienced by planning a cruise holiday. The best part of cruise holidays is that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for the flight ticket and most importantly you can be assured to have an opportunity to taste the mouth watering delicacies of the world. Due to increase in the scope of checking out the fascinating wildlife like the seabirds, the seals and the whales including the heart whelming landscapes have made Antarctica one of the best cruise holiday destinations of the world. You can surely get confused to choose between so many options in Antarctica, a list is made below for your convenience—

Historic huts and a huge number of wildlife can be experienced through the heart Antarctica if you follow the footsteps of Scott and Shackleton.

The various islands and waters of Antarctica can be cruised to come across a wide variety of sea birds. Comicals and attractive Penguins are also very popular in these areas.

The destinations in Antarctica like the Beagle channel, The Drake Passage and The Antarctic Peninsula including the South Shetland Islands can also offer you a very classy cruise experience.

The wildness of Antarctica can be deeply experienced if you visit the Sub-Antarctic Islands and explore islands like Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

Very regularly, expedition cruises are arranged in Antarctica for those who love adventures. Some exhilarating activities are also offered in these expedition cruises like mountain climbing, kayaking, camping, cross country skiing etc which is perfect for a daring and adventurous heart.
Each and every traveler will surely find something or the other interesting if they take up a cruise holiday to Antarctica.

Enjoy a cruise holiday in Egypt

Friday, June 28th, 2013

cruise holiday in EgyptIf you are planning a holiday in Egypt with your family then it will really be great if you plan a cruise holiday on the Nile. Cruising down the longest river in the world is an amazing experience in itself and when you have your family to share this experience with; it becomes all the more special.

There are many such cruises available and you can book one of them. One of the most popular Nile cruises starts from Aswan and goes down to the Luxor. Aswan is where the renowned Old Cataract Hotel is situated, the very hotel that inspired ‘Death on the Nile’ by Agatha Christie. While cruising down, you can enjoy your afternoon tea on the balcony of the hotel; standing at the balcony and watching the Nile will definitely be one of the best experiences of your life. When the cruise is docked in Aswan, you can also visit Temple of Philae.

Cruising across Mediterranean

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Cruise holiday, travel EuropeCruising is one of the best things in Europe. Cruising along the Mediterranean is the best option one can get. There are different packages available in the whole of Europe for Mediterranean cruise. This can be one of the best holidays that you might have spent in your lifetime. Mediterranean cruise is known for its beautiful harbors and the clear water. The Mediterranean Sea gives you a chance to witness the beauty and peace provided by the nature.

The difference between Mediterranean cruise and other cruise is that here you can witness a variety of culture. Every stop will give you a new experience to capture for the lifetime. The stops along the Mediterranean are Barcelona in Spain, Rome etc. Here you can visit the historic monuments and enjoy the rich food. These cruises can be taken at anytime of the year with no peak time to enjoy. If you are willing to have an experience worth remembering then do contact the nearest travel agent and book yourself a Mediterranean cruise.

Cruise holidays ensure an unforgettable vacation

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Cruise holiday, family vacationHave you ever been on a cruise holiday? If not it’s high time that you take to a cruise trip since the cruise holidays are meant to ensure an unforgettable vacation for the travelers. No wonder many couples today plan their honeymoon on board and here is a highlight on the benefits of cruise holidays.

The great part o taking to cruise holidays is the number of entertainment provisions you are offered with. Apart from an amazing sea view the cruises come up with a great range of luxury facilities for the travelers. You will have a versatile range of eateries to choose from and many of them are headed by celebrity chefs and diverse cuisines. Then there are fantastic wining destinations and some of the cruises even have poolside bars.

What more, the cruises also offer the travelers with electrifying dance floors, spa facilities, gym provisions etc. There are even gaming zones inside the cruise to keep the little ones engaged all through.

Caribbean cuisines: why are they popular?

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Caribbean cuisines, cuisinesWhenever we think of the Caribbean people, the first thing that comes to mind is a fun way of enjoying life. And this exact thing is implemented in their cuisine. They love whatever they do and it reflects in their actions and outcome. So, when a Caribbean cuisine is plated out to you, you can expect nothing short of excitement and a lovely lingering taste in your mouth.

The Caribbean people are pioneers in the use of spices and chili peppers to produce a mix of hot and delicious food. The general Caribbean cuisine incorporates fruits, spices and vegetables to induce an aromatic and exotic taste that will leave you desiring for more. The Caribbean cuisine is actually a mixture of French, Dutch, Spanish, British and African cuisines all which have a distinctive taste but when combined gives rise to brilliance on a plate. So, if you are planning a trip to the Caribbean, make sure you try out every possible delicacy possible and enjoy your stay Caribbean style.