Barcelona, at its gorgeous best for you

Holiday in BarcelonaBarcelona at the first instance reminds us of football! Surely this sport has made Barcelona popular on the world map. It has however evolved as a very popular tourist destination. It has several attractions for people of all different interests. First on the list is the Sagrada Familia. This is a huge temple which has been designed by an architect named Antonio Gaudi. The temple is under construction from 1882 and as per the estimates, it is estimated to take a further 60 to 80 years which depends on the availability of funds.

The Barcelona aquarium is a must see, especially if you have kids with you. There are hundreds of different species. Also, you can enjoy diving with sharks. This is absolutely safe and you will have the guidance of professionals. The Spanish Village is also an interesting destination. It imitates the style and designs of houses from all over Spain. The Barcelona FC Museum is another very popular tourist spot. Also, do not miss out on trying the local cuisine.

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