Amusement parks in Japan

Amusement park in JapanDo you love visiting amusement parks? If you are in Japan, then there are loads of options available for you in terms of amusement parks. Of course you have the most visited Tokyo Disneyland for kids and Tokyo Disney Sea mainly for grownups.

Apart from these two parks there is the popular Laqua located in Suidobashi. Although Laqua is all about water activities, this park is complete with a restaurant and spa. For all those who enjoy adventure activities and thrill rides, FujiQ is a great option. One of the most attractive features of this park is the grand Mt. Fuji which forms the backdrop.

Those who love to visit studio based amusement, should not miss the Universal studios. This place will definitely remind you of the famous Florida Universal Studios. If you have kids, belonging to the lower age group then you should not miss out on Sanrio Puroland. This amusement park is based on Hello Kitty and is definitely worth a visit.

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