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Top Places to Visit in Rome

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Rome, a romantic place which depicts the life of great Romans. It’s a great destination full of historical monuments, great churches and restored ruins. Here are the top picks of Rome that deserved to be visited which your hang out at Rome.


ColosseumA memorable site to visit in roman world is colosseum. The construction of this famous amphitheatre was started in 72 AD by emperor Vespasion of the Flavion dynasty and it was finished in 80 AD by his son Titus. Colosseum consists of 80 entrances or even more which has capacity of holding almost 50000 spectators. It is one of the largest and most popular tourist attractions in Rome inviting plenty of visitors to take a look at its interior arena. Colosseum depicts the architectural skills of ancient roman people and their culture which celebrated the great gladiator games at the big entertainment arena. This place shows a fight between men and beast in a huge public which was started in 82 AD.


PantheonThis ancient temple of Romans was originally constructed in 27 BC and later it was rebuilt in 126 AD. It is one of the best preserved temples for all roman gods. It is basically a roman catholic church since the 7th century. The pantheon possesses a huge circular portico along with3 ranks of large granite Corinthian columns. There is a rotunda where the portico opens up and which is topped with a concrete dome with a central opening called oculus. You would be glad to know that this concrete dome is largest dome in the world even after 2000 years after it was built.

Vatican Museums

Vatican MuseumVatican museum is located inside the Vatican City. It was discovered in 6th century by Pope Julius II. This museum shows some of the most essential remnants. Most popular things of this museum include the Raphael room, the spiral staircase and the elegantly decorated Sistine chapel. Between the period of 1508 and 1512, the chapel ceiling was painted by Michelangelo under the patronage of Pope Julius II. The most astounding work of Michelangelo in painting is The Last Judgement.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi FountainThis most famous place of Rome is designed by Nicola Salvi. Construction completed in 1962, this epic fountain shows a composition of mythological sculptures of Neptune who is considered as the god of the sea edge by two tritons. The name trevi is based on its location. It marks the terminus of ancient aqua virgo aqueduct and it is on the junction of three roads (tre vie) and thus t is named trevi. This fountain becomes too popular because of it being captured in a film Dolce Vita by fellini. This fountain has a belief that if you throw three coins in this fountain then one day you can return to this place. You can also ask for other wishes by throwing coins in this fountain. Unknowingly you are doing charitable donation as the money gathered from the fountain which is approximately 3500$ each day is utilized in supporting food programs for the city’s poor.