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Reasons why Kauai is the Best Island in Hawaii

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

kauai beachHawaii, the name itself is fascinating to the visitors who want to visit the Hawaiian beaches. There are many beaches in Hawaii which are beautiful and gorgeous but amongst all the beaches, Kauai is the best beach which the visitor should not miss visiting it. There are many reasons for the visitors for why to go for the Kauai beach for their vacation. Once the traveler visits Kauai Beach in Hawaii, becomes a surety for the visitor to visit the place again. Kauai has its special magnificent features which attracts lots of visitors every year to travel in and enjoy the stay in Kauai. The royal land of Hawaii makes you feel the best amongst all having to be on beach. Reasons for why Kauai is the best island in Hawaii are as under.


  • One of the biggest reasons why Kauai is the best island is just because of the sunset at Kauai in Hawaii. The best glimmering sandy beach with the pleasant effects of beach water increase its view of having the perfect sunset in Hawaii. The beautiful sun rays reflect the sand and the water and this is the capturing moment for the place.
  • Kauai has the best swimming arena across. The visitors visiting Kauai can experience the best waves and the fun of sporty scuba and snorkeling around the beach. All the things are available in Kauai including the adventurous experience which the tourist will not be willing to miss it out.
  • Other thing is the food, visitors can enjoy the best food in Kauai, the traditional and royal effect and its essence is still prevailing in the food recopies of Kauai. Well it becomes very confusing for the visitors from where to start eating the delicious street food. There are different restaurant and hotels which will make you taste the best food of Kauai.
  • The wildlife of Kauai beach is very specious. You can take a boat ride or the trip and enjoy the view of dolphins and sometimes you may also see whales around the area. Swimming with turtles and exploring the sea arena is the best thing which the visitors will observe in Kauai, Hawaii. The wildlife is still presented stagnant for more than thirty years.
  • The gardens of Garden isle are the best thing which the tourist must watch when they visit Kauai. It is the four botanical garden which gives different appearance to the visitors visiting. Special and sculptures parks for the tourists in Kauai.
  • There are many movies which are dialoged and shooted in Kauai, Hawaii. Visitors can have the chance of visiting the location where the shooting has taken place and can take many capturing for more different look. Films like Jurassic park have some of the scenes shooted, pirates of Caribbean, etc have been shooting their scenes in Kauai, Hawaii.


You can see there are many things which can be done and enjoyed in Kauai with their families and the loved ones. If you are planning for the vacation on a beach, tourist must visit Kauai beach in Hawaiian island and enjoy the fascinating and traditional; essence if the beach.