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Wonders Of The Danube Delta

Monday, February 10th, 2014

The Danube DeltaThe Danube delta is one of the most stunning biosphere reserves in the globe and the second largest delta in Europe. The delta is an element of UNESCO heritage since 1991. It scatters over almost 3500 square km in the south east of Romania.

• The main motive for this division is its unique flora and fauna which are preserved. The natural magnificence and the serenity of the place have made the delta extremely admiring appeal for both the local and tourist people from all over the globe, who choose this place to visit. Tourists enjoy the boat rides all the way through the delta channel. While enjoying the boat ride they come across different species of birds and are amazed by the fascinating surroundings. You can also see near about 1600 species of plant like exotic plants regular willows and poplars. Plants like lily, silver willow and watercress float in the river catch the attention of the tourist a lot.

• The ideal time to visit the Danube delta is summer. During this season the tourists can have the pleasure of sandy beaches and sun bath which are so relaxing. In this season pelicans, egrets, seagulls and the wild ducks captivate the eye of the visitors. This delta is said to be fauna paradises as 98% of the Europe marine fauna dwell here. People choose this place for holidaying not only due to its innate beauty but also because it grants peace and calmness. Lot of activities can be done here.

Taking everything into reflection, holidaying in Danube delta can prove to be very satisfying and a truly soothing vacation having much to offer to the people. So if you want to go to Romania you must visit Danube delta.