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Go For A Roman Holiday Of Your Own

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

travel romeRome is one of the oldest and historically most significant cities in Italy. It is also sometimes referred to as the living museum of the world. This is because the monuments, buildings and structures, which were build several years ago have still been well maintained even, till this date. Rome has a magical essence of its own. The winding streets, the cafes, the pleasant weather, and of course its rich history will keep you engaged and mesmerized throughout your trip in this grand city. Being the capital of Italy, it’s always buzzing with, tourists, all throughout the year.
More than 2500 years old, Rome is a city, which still manages to stay alive in the past and the present at the same time. If you are in Rome, there are a few distinctly places which you must never give a miss.

Firstly, book a bus tour, which can take you to the most significant tourist spots- the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain. These two are close to each other so you can be done by the afternoon if you start in the morning. You’ll find many church groups singing in chorus at the Colosseum. To go inside the Colosseum, you will need to book tickets in advance so make sure that you check the timings as well.

After that, move on to visit the Trevi Fountain. You would need two coins for this in order to make a wish. It is said that the first wish should always be to come back to Rome and the second one can be a personal one. Turn back, make your wish and throw the coins into the fountain. While getting back, make sure to enjoy the lovely Italian gelato from the roadside cafes. You can also grab a bite of a cheesy Italian pizza while you’re at it. On the way, you can make a stop at the ancient Palace of Caesar. It’s in ruins but you can still visit it. It’s good if you get a tour guide for this.

Finally, you can take a whole day off and go on the “on-foot” tour to the Vatican. Visit the Sistine Chapel, the St. Peter’s Square, the basilica and the Apostolic Palace.
The food, the places and the city of Rome itself will be etched on your mind forever.