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Bangkok, a perfect destination for shoppers

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Evening market in BangkokIf you are looking for the perfect place that could quench your ultimate shopping lust, Bangkok is the place to be. The highly visited tourist spot pulls a large number of travelers every year due to the shopping attractions it has to offer thanks to the multitude of shopping malls and markets popped up here.

In Bangkok, the most perfect time for shopping begins with the sunset; you will get the night markets here that are considered to the optimum shopping destinations in the country. You have both the Western styled shopping malls greeting you with different world class products. Then there are the markets with typical localized goods if you wish to take home as a memento.

The best part of shopping in Bangkok is its affordable pricing and the permission for bargains. And if you are looking for an exotic shopping you have the typical floating markets of Bangkok which starts since sunrise.

Brazil: a perfect destination for lovers of adventure

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Holiday in BrazilBrazil is the perfect destination for a holiday, full of entertainment and frolic. The breathtaking landscapes and lively beaches are sure to make your trip to Brazil a memorable one. Platanal Reserve, Anavilhanas Archipelago, Marajo Island and Bananal Island are the world famous geographical territories in Brazil. The places that you should visit in Brazil are

• Rio de Janeiro- a city which has everything from forests to mountains to beaches.

• Salvador- enriched with culture.

• Fernando de Noronha- this secluded island is one of the beautiful places on earth. The natural beauty of the gorgeous island will surely sweep you off your feet.

• Bonito- amazing place for snorkeling.

• Foz de Iguacu

• Pantanal- the wildlife that you can see is like nowhere else.

• Amazonas- a boat trip to Amazons will be an unforgettable one where you get to see all the oceanic creatures.

• Sao Paulo.

Culinary attractions in China

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Culinary attraction in ChinaChina is definitely a paradise for food lovers. China has long been popular and is known all over the world because of its mouthwatering dishes and flavors in its food that attracts all taste buds. The travelers in China are delighted by its culinary skills and the local specialties are a rage amongst them. Chinese dishes are relished by all and sundry due to its distinctive taste and flavor.

Chinese dumplings, soy puffs, baby corn, noodles, Chinese cabbage, stir fried dishes with oyster sauce and steamed fish are few of the delicacies of China. Chinese cuisine comprises of various styles and includes Sichuan cuisine, Szechuan cuisine and Jiangsu cuisine. Hairy crab in Shanghai and roasted duck in Beijing are local delicacies which are famous outside the country also. Use of herbs and seasonings add to the flavor of the cuisine. Chinese dishes and desserts are served with tea that is said to have medicinal qualities.

Enjoy a vacation at its best in Kuala Lumpur

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Petronas Tower in Kuala LumpurAre you planning for a fun filled holiday with your family or friends? Kuala Lumpur can be your holiday destination this time. Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia assures to make your holiday a memorable one for years to come. The city is a place of cultural heritage and has lots in store for the tourists. You can indulge in all sorts of activities like mind blowing shopping, adventure sports, mouth watering cuisines and luxurious hotels. It is a perfect place if you are looking for a relaxed and fun filled holiday. The places to visit are:

• Petronas twin towers- tallest twin buildings in the world. The 88 storey building comprises of shopping complex, office buildings, conference halls and a park.

• National Museum

• Batu caves

• Royal Selangor

• Petaling street

• Forest Research Institute

• KL Bird Park.

Edinburgh, a destination painted by God

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Travel Edinburgh, UKEdinburgh, royal capital of Scotland is the perfect place for a vacation. It is a beautiful city with lots to do. You can indulge in viewing beautiful castles, churches, parks, museums, art galleries, gardens and various other sightseeing in Edinburgh. Edinburgh castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse and National Museum of Scotland are the places you must definitely visit in Edinburgh. Excellent food joints and restaurants are there for the food lovers. Shopping is fun and you can get high end fashion stuff to traditional arts and crafts product.

Edinburgh is a naturally beautiful city which is enriched with its history and culture. The beauty of the city is enhanced due to its beautiful coastline and the poise of its countryside. The city is also happening with its amazing nightlife, festivals and carnivals occurring at different times of the year. August to September is the best time to visit Edinburgh.

Enjoy the oriental feel at its best in China

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Park in ChinaChina is a country of varied diversities enriched with its history and culture. China has been growing as a popular traveling destination over the years. Shanghai and Beijing are the popular cities in China that you must visit. Some of the well known places to go to are the Forbidden City, Lama Temple, Great Wall, Beijing Capital Museum, Summer Palace, Shanghai Bund, Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, Yulong Snow Mountain and Silk Road.

China is a perfect place where you can find places of tourist attractions, good food, amazing shopping destinations and beautiful sightseeing. China has one of the oldest language and civilizations. China is the country where you get the authentic oriental feel. The people of the country are attached to its roots quite deeply. Their food and lifestyle has that oriental touch like nowhere else. Visit China and enjoy the true oriental feel.

Experience the history of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Holiday in TurkeyThe Ottoman Empire is considered as one of the long lasting empires in history. Under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman Empire reached its peak and was considered the most powerful state in the world during the 16th and 17tth century. Ottoman history can be distinctly divided into two distinct periods namely the era of cultural, territorial and economic growth, and the era of political stagnation and military.

Ottoman history existed from 1566 – 1792. It was generally a multicultural, cosmopolitan and innovative state. The Ottomans had authority in both European and Islamic world during their golden age. The Ottomans entered in World War I along with Germany. The failure to capture Vienna under the leadership of Suleyman marked the start of decline period of the Ottomans. The Turks of Anatolia leaded by Mustafa Kemal fought against the Ottomans and finally brought independence with the Treaty of Laussane.

Amusement parks in Japan

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Amusement park in JapanDo you love visiting amusement parks? If you are in Japan, then there are loads of options available for you in terms of amusement parks. Of course you have the most visited Tokyo Disneyland for kids and Tokyo Disney Sea mainly for grownups.

Apart from these two parks there is the popular Laqua located in Suidobashi. Although Laqua is all about water activities, this park is complete with a restaurant and spa. For all those who enjoy adventure activities and thrill rides, FujiQ is a great option. One of the most attractive features of this park is the grand Mt. Fuji which forms the backdrop.

Those who love to visit studio based amusement, should not miss the Universal studios. This place will definitely remind you of the famous Florida Universal Studios. If you have kids, belonging to the lower age group then you should not miss out on Sanrio Puroland. This amusement park is based on Hello Kitty and is definitely worth a visit.

Attractions Pattaya offer

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Holiday in PattayyaThe first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Pattaya is its exciting night life and the sun, sea, sand. But, Pattaya has much more to offer to the tourists. The fishing villages are the star attraction at Pattaya. The Pattaya Elephant Village would be interesting if you are an animal lover or have young children with you. You can experience how elephant training is done. The Pattaya Floating market spread over an area of 100,000 square meters offers a huge range of products.

The Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and Cultural Village is set at a 600 acre marvelous garden. Several cultural shows are held here every day for the visitors. Mini Siam is a miniature replica of a city. It has about 100 religious places and places of historical interest. It has everything starting from the Temple of the Emerald Buddha to the Eifel tower. The Khao Pattaya view point, situated on a hill top gives you a panoramic view of the city.

Barcelona, at its gorgeous best for you

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Holiday in BarcelonaBarcelona at the first instance reminds us of football! Surely this sport has made Barcelona popular on the world map. It has however evolved as a very popular tourist destination. It has several attractions for people of all different interests. First on the list is the Sagrada Familia. This is a huge temple which has been designed by an architect named Antonio Gaudi. The temple is under construction from 1882 and as per the estimates, it is estimated to take a further 60 to 80 years which depends on the availability of funds.

The Barcelona aquarium is a must see, especially if you have kids with you. There are hundreds of different species. Also, you can enjoy diving with sharks. This is absolutely safe and you will have the guidance of professionals. The Spanish Village is also an interesting destination. It imitates the style and designs of houses from all over Spain. The Barcelona FC Museum is another very popular tourist spot. Also, do not miss out on trying the local cuisine.