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Popular French tourist destinations for you

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Effiel tower in Paris, FranceFrance is often considered as the “Honeymooner’s Paradise”. There is probably no such romantic and beautiful location as France- where you see a culmination of art, culture and history. As soon as you think of France, the first thing that comes to your mind is obviously the Eiffel Tower. This monument is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and attracts as many as a million tourists each year.

The next most popular destination on the list is definitely the Louvre. The paintings and sculptures are witness to France’s rich heritage. The Notre dame Cathedral is also another attraction. Over 100 years of labor has gone into building this magnificent monument. No trip to France would be complete without a boat ride on the Seine River. Also, you should not miss the highest point of France, the Sacre Coeur. The Cultural hub of the city, Centre Georges Pompidou is also a must-see when you are in France.