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Most popular Italian destinations

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Italy has many cities which are popular destinations. To start with there is the capital city of Italy, Rome. The Vatican and St. Peter’s is located here and there are other ancient monuments, churches and museums. Next there is Venice, a city built on water. This is a very romantic city and a popular tourist attraction. You can go to Florence where you will get to see art and architecture belonging to the Renaissance time. Milan is one of the richest cities in Europe and is well- known for its stylish shops, restaurants and also the galleries.

Another vibrant city in Spain is Naples. The city of Verona became famous as the city where the story Romeo and Juliet was based on. There is a medieval centre in the city. Turin became famous when the Olympic Games were hosted there in the year 2006. Bologna is known for its beauty, tasty cuisine and wealth. There is also the city of Perugia and Genoa that you must visit.