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The Niagara Falls, magnificence at its best

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Holiday in Niagra Falls in AmericaThe Niagara Falls is situated on the river Niagara which drains into Lake Ontario. The Niagara Falls consists of the Horseshow Falls and also the American Falls mainly along with other smaller waterfalls. Thus with so many waterfalls combined together the Niagara Falls has a high rate of water flow. The vertical drop of the falls is also high about 165 feet. Thus the falls has two parts- the Canadian part and the other is the American part. The Niagara Falls was formed by the melting of the glaciers during the last ice age. The falls is very well known for its beauty and also magnificence. It is a great source of hydro-electric power.

The Niagara Falls is a great tourist attraction. The peak time for visitors is the summer season. You can visit the Niagara Falls at daytime and also at night. There are floodlights which illuminate the falls till midnight. A number of movies have been shot around this falls.