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Marbella Beach, a must visit destination for beach lovers

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Holiday, beaches, marbella beachMarbella beach is a lovely beach in Barcelona. The beach is situated in the Sant Marti district and is 512 meters long. The beach is a little away from the centre of the city. If you are a visitor to Barcelona you must visit this beach. You can take a bus, a metro or a tram. A reason why this beach has become so popular with tourist is the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games were held here in the year 1992. This place has many restaurants, shops and bars. The beach is well-maintained especially when it is summer time.

You can take a walk along the beach or cycle around it. There are many water sports that you can play. There are leisure activities that you can also take part in. You can go for jogging, skating and even roller driving. Many people play basketball, volley ball and football here too. The beach has a special reserved area for children as well.